Stemming from a childhood surrounded by business and style, Pastique was born of a brother-sister duo. Chase and Kaileigh Rowell have known the hardships and benefits of owning your own business, with their father being an entrepreneur himself. Inspired by this and their love of all things beautiful, the duo set off to create a brand they could share with the world. Coming from a small town, in Northeast Ohio, inspiration comes in all forms- nature being the most prominent and people the next. Inspired by the very adorable and lovable chinchilla, ChiChi, Pastique's logo was created. ChiChi is one of many pets owned by the Rowells and serves as Pastique's very own energetic drive. She can be seen impersonating the letter “Q” in the logo. Silly ChiChi! As a photographer, hairstylist, and designer, Chase Rowell has worked endlessly to make Pastique perfect. And as a fashion guru, artist, and hairstylist herself, Kaileigh Rowell made the dream possible with her insight. As they are successful hairstylists, the Rowells see people from all walks of life through their salon. These customers have introduced many cultures and fashions and bore with them a humbling sense of community. With this, Kaileigh and Chase established a company that suited their tastes and the ever-changing fashion trends they witness. The two chose only the best items for their store and spent countless hours surveying both their products and their site. Even their models are picked to be representative of real people wearing real clothes that are of superb quality. Pastique above all is made for you: the real people that travel through small towns and bustling cities, who live their lives working and work to live their lives.


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